Tammy Van Epps

Performance Consultant

Tammy joined Healthy Alliance because she was excited to be able to continue to help build a network designed to foster the holistic health of our communities. Bringing people together to work for a common goal has always been central to Tammy in her professional life. Making connections, creating value, and supporting others as they strive to help members within our community brings her joy. Most of Tammy’s career entailed developing programs and services in the CNY region for survivors of crime, particularly domestic and sexual violence. Prior to joining Healthy Alliance, she served as the project manager for three initiatives – Palliative Care Integration, Care Transitions, and the CNY Referral Network projects. It was the work of the CNY Referral Network that afforded her one of the greatest opportunities to truly improve the well-being of community members by connecting individuals to timely services through the technology of Unite Us. Tammy is enthusiastic about continuing with this vision for the future.

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