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Our network brings together organizations, big and small,
to coordinate and collaborate so that all communities have reliable access to the resources they need.
Here’s how we can help you!

Community Members

Community Based Organizations,
Schools, Social Clubs, Government Agencies (and others)

Managed Care Organizations

Clinical Providers and Health Systems

Community Members

Tap into a coordinated network of organizations (580+), spanning 25 counties, ready and willing to address your social needs.

There’s a dedicated team of folks at Healthy Alliance who work full-time to make sure you are taken care of.

You can ask for help through the network or directly through self-referrals.

Community-Based Organizations, Schools, Social Clubs, Government Agencies (and others)

Align your mission with those of managed care organizations.

Access to our referral platform, making it easy to track when, and for whom, services were provided to a community member while measuring the positive change.

Access to our shared infrastructure inclusive of analytics, risk-management, finance, compliance, privacy/security training/assessments, language line, analytics, business/operations optimizations, technology, transportation, telephony, service line alignment, grant writing, and referral management.
(IPA Participants Only)

Managed Care Organizations

Supplement to community investments.

Meet NYS DOH requirements to enter contracts with organizations to address social determinants of health, without having to manage several partner relationships.

“One stop shop” for securing, developing, and executing VBP contracts focused on social care initiatives with measurable ROI.

Hold network participants accountable – working to meet quality measures through a unified technology platform that helps network members.

Identify high-need individuals; track electronic referrals between clinicians and social care organizations; capture appropriate data to support quality measurement’ report on service effectiveness and intervene where appropriate; and adhere to regulatory compliance standards and performance metrics.

Achieve health plan/CMS/DOH savings through social care investments with demonstrated ROI to:

  • Reduce medical expense/total cost of care
  • Reduce medical expense/total cost of care
  • Reduce administrative burden/costs (churn)
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve Member satisfaction
  • Improve regulatory compliance supports

Clinical Providers and Health Systems

Manage referrals to the community rapidly and properly.

Attain shared savings through progressive contracting with managed care organizations.
(IPA Participants Only)

Given this infrastructure, medical providers can:


  • Enter risk sharing (level 2) agreements with managed care organizations. (IPA Participants Only)
  • Reduce “social admissions” that may not be reimbursed.
  • Reduce “social bed days” and delayed discharges due to social factors.
  • Reduce preventable readmissions within 30 days and subsequent CMS penalties.
  • Improve commercial and NYS/CMS clinical quality measure performance (and therefore revenue) – even with level 1 upside only contracts.

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